How To Choose A Strong Research Topic About Health: Tips And Examples

Medical researching in the world today is a well known thing and very productive as well. Through this research, scientists have been able to save countless number of lives as through them there have been the emergence of cures and vaccines to many known diseases today. In the event you find yourself in the situation of intending to do study on health matters, and are in need of a topic, then there are a number of things you can do to get the perfect topic:

Self evaluate

Health is a very serious and wide topic and as such, before you begin to start writing on anything about it, you need to first evaluate yourself. You need to know where your strengths are so that you can come up with an outstanding search. Choose a topic that you are strong and well conversant with.


There are many sources that you can go to find the perfect topics that you can investigate on. You can visit different places to find topics; these include health magazines, health social media sites, medical organization websites and even television. Basically, the topics on health are all around you.

In other cases you can brainstorm on your own. Some of the greatest researches by well known researchers have been on problems that they faced in life or people close to them. Therefore, you stand to come up with an amazing result if the topic is directly affecting you.

In case after trying all the possible ways to come up with topics for your paper, you can consider the ones below. Some of the examples of topics you can try can be the following:

  • - The risks involved with child pregnancies
  • - Long term effects of radiation exposure
  • - Effects of drugs in adolescents
  • - How to prevent jigger infection in tropical countries
  • - Health risk of untested pharmaceutical products
  • - Effects of genetically modified food
  • - Dangers of female genital mutilation
  • - How to decrease child deaths in underdeveloped countries
  • - How to live healthy with diabetes
  • - How to overcome obesity
  • - Genetic engineering to remove hereditary disease genes
  • - How to reduce the risk of hypertension

Research is very involving practice, therefore, whatever topic you decide to take on you need to have passion for it. You can cultivate a healthy passion in case you don’t have it at first. This will help you maintain a positive outlook in your time of study. This way, the research process is healthy as well.