Research Paper Writing Help

If you are struggling with research paper writing, then you have come to the right place for help. Many students struggle with this type of writing since it is not explained to them properly by their teachers what this type of writing entails. Thankfully for you, these helpful tips will make your life much easier and give you the impetus to succeed in your writing task.

Helpful tips on easy research paper writing

  • Tip 1: Topic
  • A mistake many students make is choosing an inadequate topic for this type of writing. The topic you choose to write about should have a wide range of source material. This type of writing includes talking about a variety of source material, and if you can only talk about one snippet of information based on the topic then you will have insufficient research to score highly.

    Another important thing to remember is to choose a topic that you genuinely are curious about. This will then be reflected in your

  • Tip 2: Analyze!
  • A big mistake many students make in this type of writing is the fact that they fail to analyze the sources they put in their paper. It is fine and dandy to put in the source and explain what it is about, but you will not score high marks if there is no discussion about it. To analyze well you need to answer questions such as:

    • Why is this information important?
    • What will be the impact of this information?
    • What is YOUR opinion on the matter?
    • Is the source reliable? What could be done to make the information that they has been gathered more rigorous?
  • Tip 3: Opposing Views
  • This is another very important point that you should make sure to include in your writing. Many students neglect this and pay the price for it. Along with analyzing the information you have gathered for your writing, you should also discuss opposing views to the topic. For this part you need to analyze these various viewpoints that differ from your own, and talk about why you don’t agree with these opinions. This, along with failure to adequately analyze the information you put in your essay are the number one reasons many students don’t fare well in this type of writing.

  • Tip 4: Structure
  • There needs to be a good structure to your writing that makes it clear to follow your work. The typical structure of an essay is as follows:

    • Introduction: This is a paragraph explaining what you will be talking about. This is not the place to put your main pieces of information in, but rather you should tell your audience what will be discussed and some of the resources you will use.
    • Main Body: These paragraphs are the most critical to your success. This is where you put all the information you have gathered. An example of how to structure the main body is as follows:
      1. Paragraph 1 – Write down your source and analysis
      2. Paragraph 2 – Discuss opposing views to your own Etc.
    • Conclusion: This should be a brief paragraph summarizing everything you have talked about. Since this is the last thing your audience will read you need to reiterate your strongest talking points and finish strongly.
  • Tip 5: Time
  • This is general advice that can be used for any essays, but it needs reiterating constantly: give yourself enough time. Give yourself time to be able to gather your sources, analyze and write your essay. Do not rush it, as this will reflect in your writing.

    We hope that these helpful tips will propel your writing to the next level that is required of you for success. When broken down, research paper writing is not a hard feat, it’s just remembering to include all the important points which can be a challenge.