Things To Include In Your Sociology Research Paper About Racism

Racism is an issue that has plagued humanity since the establishment of civilized culture and even before. It shows no signs of stopping anytime soon and in fact, incidents of racism may be on the increase as people become more public about their views. This makes for a very volatile environment and in many places, around the world, their are ongoing wars caused as a result of racist opinions.

Writing a research paper is a serious task and you would do well to plan your steps carefully. Do not ignore the importance of following proper research procedures and paper structure, they will save you a lot of trouble later on. It can also be quite helpful to make use of one of many formats available and these can be found quite easily, through a simple online search. Consider the following points to include in your research paper about racism:

  1. Cause of racism
  2. We may be of different skin colors, hair texture, height and shapes, but underneath it all, we are all made of the same things. Yet, its seems that throughout our history to this day, there are certain groups of people that can’t get past the superficial differences, to move on to greater things. Why is it that some person simply cannot be happy unless they are able to declare themselves as superior to another person?

  3. Who benefits from racism?
  4. Being racist takes a lot of effort, its not easy to hate. Yet, many groups, peoples and even some countries, practice this act on a daily basis. How is it profitable to continue doing this?

  5. How does racism affect the lives of victims?
  6. Its not easy to be on the receiving end of racial discrimination and this is a reality that many people have to put up with, on a daily basis. What are the changes that must be made in a person’s life, that will afford them the ability to be happy, in spite of how society treats them?

  7. What can be done about this condition?
  8. Is there any way to deal with this situation? Or is it so hard wired into our brains that we as a species will never escape its influence?

  9. What are the most extreme cases of racism in the world?
  10. Give examples of extreme racist incidents and show how they were dealt with. Are we able to deal with this issue effectively or are we simply at its mercy?